We have a range of dance classes at North London Street Dance Academy that is incorporated in our Street Dance classes in north London. Our main style of dance is street dance however, we teach contemporary dance at NLSDA because it has an imperative role in instilling emotion, posture, and discipline in other styles of dance. We believe the connection between contemporary and street dance is so important in the journey to becoming an all-round great dancer.

Hip Hop 

A style of dance characterised by its grounded movement. It is a part of a Hip hop culture that emerged in the 70s merging dance, Djing, Graffiti, MC’ing and break dance as a sub-style. Hip Hop became a way of living – a lifestyle and culture. The Dougie, cat daddy and top rock are some examples of hip hop moves you will learn at NLSDA. 


House dance originated in the late 70s and was influence by other styles of dance including Tap, African dance, Latin flavours, and Martial Arts. It is heavily based on improvisation and freedom of movement. We teach house steps at NLSDA that are guaranteed to assist with freestyle and finding your own groove.


Locking is a creative style of funk dance that uses ‘The Lock’ as a motif alongside playful arm and legs. The name comes from its fast-flowing movement with distinctive stops or freezes. Wrist rolls and finger snaps are examples of moves learnt in locking.


This is a more current style of dance influenced by back up dancers on TV and music videos on channels such as MTV. Its choreography based and is a good style to learn for complete beginners Dancers like Michael Jackson, Usher, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake were pioneers for their commercial choreography.


This style of dance embodies aspects of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. At NLSDA we also combine it with urban dance to help improve knowledge of dynamics, transition, and flow in street dance.


Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines ballet, Jazz and lyrical dance. Through fluid movement it uses the whole body to improve technique, strength, flexibility, and balance.